Understanding the Role of Leptin In Fat Loss

The brain is the control centre of the body and it relies on various hormones for signals. When hungry for example Leptin sends signals to the brain that the body needs more energy – food. This hormone has a huge role in weight control than you would imagine. It is also known as the hunger hormone as it signals hunger and satiety as well. Leptin’s role in fat loss is highly unappreciated and even shunned by many who do not understand how it works. For them the question begs, what is the role of Leptin in fat loss? Here are some facts about the hormone that would best illustrate its role in fat burning;

leptin role in weight lossThe hormone helps control your appetite. When full it sends the appropriate signal to the section of the brain that controls eating- when enough of the hormone is released to the hypothalamus you get a ‘full’ sensation and stop eating. In so doing, you only eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. Therefore Leptin levels determine your appetite to a great extent and reduce build up of fats in the body.

When Leptin is released, it catalyses the metabolism process leading to increased fat burning. This alone goes a long way to help you lose excess weight. Leptin also triggers the need for physical activity; helps burn excess fats and enjoy reduced weight.

Extensive research on this hormone shows that indeed, it contributes a lot to fat loss. A study conducted on people without Leptin clearly proved it. The patients, who ate endlessly without feeling full, were given the hormone and with time, their ravenous appetite was in check. This served as useful information to many who doubted the hormone’s in fat burning.

Like many useful hormones, Leptin has to be preserved and maintained through proper lifestyle and health habits. Many people miss out on the positive effects because they are either insensitive or have low Leptin levels in their system. There are many things you can do to improve the situation, to name but a few;

  • Avoid junk foods that are rich in artificial flavors
  • Regular physical activity
  • Foods rich omega-3 fatty acids
  • Ensure stable blood sugar levels
  • Get adequate sleep

These are the main inhibitors of Leptin and if handled, you’ll definitely start enjoying the benefits of the hormone. People living a sedentary, fast paced lifestyle are less likely to appreciate Leptin’s role in fat burning but all they need is a lifestyle change. Take the stairs instead of elevator to your office or ride a bike to school instead of using the car. Such simple measures help to boost Leptin levels and eventually your appetite. If natural methods don’t work, there are supplements available to boost Leptin activity.

Leptiburn is one such supplement, only it is created under safe conditions by renowned company-Biotrust, who have been in business for many years. Be careful while shopping for Leptin supplement as some may contain harmful material leading to heavy losses. If you want the tried, tested and proven Leptin booster, Leptiburn is the way to go.

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