Is Raspberry Ketone the Real Deal?

The internet is awash with stories of get-rich-quick schemes. Could raspberry ketone supplements be one of them? Could it be a ploy by manufactures to prey on unsuspecting clients by offering sub-standard products on the pretense that they work miracles, or is it true raspberry ketones work?

Raspberry ketone is the substance behind the strong red color and sweet smell that is contained in fruits like raspberries and cranberries. It can be used in refined foods to add flavor, in cosmetics to give fragrance and in the manufacture of weight loss pills.

raspberry ketones

So then how does the sweet smell translate to weight loss?

According to research, raspberry ketones increase the amount of adeponectin, a hormone found in the body that is able to hasten the speed in which the body burns fat. It also helps in reducing appetite.

Researchers carried out an experiment using rats to determine if this is true. What was done in the test was to give the rats food that had some raspberry ketone in it for certain duration. After which it was discovered that there was actually a reduction in body fat.

Yes. The result showed to some extent raspberry ketones had weight-loss capabilities. What the research was not able to actually show is whether this result can be replicated in people.

Other than weight loss, is there anything else that raspberry ketones can do?

There is little research that has been done that shows applying a solution of raspberry ketone to the scalp can make hair grow. If proven to actually work, this can be a welcome relief for people with hair loss issues or male baldness.

Obese people may be lucky as well. It is yet to be confirmed but initial results have shown that taking raspberry ketone in a mixture of Vitamin C helps reduce significantly your weight and area around the waist.

Is it safe for all to use?

Raspberry ketone when taken orally in combination with Vitamin C is relatively safe. However there could be a possible reaction when taken alone. Raspberry ketone has a molecular structure that is the same as certain stimulants. A person may exhibit some jitteriness, high blood pressure and heart pounding.

Because of this stimulant quality of raspberry ketone pregnant and breast-feeding women are advised against using.

People with diabetes and on medication are also cautioned against using as it may bring down the sugar level in the blood.

Should I take everyday and what quantity

An apple a day surely keeps the doctor away: though it is not confirmed whether the same can be said of raspberry ketones. Yes. Raspberry ketones are natural elements but since research is still being done to determine its safety it cannot be clearly said how you are allowed to take.

The raspberry ketone supplements come with instructions written on the label of the bottle. Be sure to read them carefully.

But, for your own safety be sure to first consult with your doctor or nutritionist before using to get professional advice.